Annual Miami Pilgrimage

Travelling to Miami for AIRC and ICEF

At AIRC, we look forward to seeing friends and colleagues, attending sessions and learning more about current happenings in international education.  Also look forward to joining Mike Henniger from ICEF for the session on “Beyond the Horizon” on Saturday morning Dec 3rd.

At ICEF, Barton Carlyle will have a booth, number 77 to present our “ICEF Achieve” service to participants.

Pamela will also be offering two seminars, one on international alumni: “The Authentic Voice: International Alumni in Recruitment and Marketing” Session description:  An institution’s alumni are the ultimate brand ambassadors. They can support your recruitment, add authenticity and immediacy to your marketing proposition, and offer an aspirational outcome to the offer for prospective students. Ideally, your alumni will support your engagement with prospective students and their families. But how can you recruit the alumni who can be most helpful to your recruitment and marketing strategy in different key markets, and what does it take to manage an alumni network effectively? How can you set expectations and ensure that your alumni feel positively engaged?

Our second seminar is “Beyond the Horizon:  Trends shaping the Future of International Education” This session will draw on an industry publication jointly produced by Barton Carlyle and ICEF Monitor for NAFSA 2016. The publication examines the major trends that will shape international education and international recruitment over the next five years, including the rising importance of risk management, the growing role of pathways and partnerships, the increasing complexity of the marketplace, and the wide-ranging impacts of technology.

Copies of both seminar presentations will be available following the event.  You can download a copy of the “Beyond the Horizon….” publication now, at

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