CBIE 2017 in Halifax

Barton Carlyle works extensively in Canada and we look forward to seeing many of our clients and friends this year in Halifax.

This year Pamela is delighted to join Humber College’s Andrew Ness and ICEF Monitor’s Craig Riggs to offer a topical session for all attendees:  “Where will students come from next? Emerging markets for global student mobility”  and will take place November 21st, 1045 – 1145hrs.   In it, we’ll be looking at urgent issues for diversification strategies:  As the global education market intensifies, success depends on navigating competitive recruitment pathways.  Key to managing this complexity is understanding market dynamics: sources of students, the shape of successful internationalization strategies for the right markets, and how to build effective partnerships within them.  This session draws on experts in market research, global consulting and provider experience to offer insights on the future landscape of international student recruitment.

Mark your conference calendars and make a point of joining us for what will be a lively session!  If you’d like to set up a meeting, email [email protected]

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