Pitschi, the Kitten With Dreams

In 2014 Komedia celebrated its twentieth anniversary year with a production of a new play for young children. The play premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and has performed at over 40 venues in the UK and Ireland.

Based on Swiss author and illustrator Hans Fischer’s award-winning picture book, Pitschi, the play uses a rich mix of physical theatre, humour, music and song to tell the story of a young cat that doesn’t care for the rough and tumble of kitten play, but instead dreams of being something else – a chicken, perhaps, or a goat, or a rabbit… for after all, anything is better than being a cat!

“This is a charming production which engages very well with its target audience through delightful puppets, beautiful animation, some gentle enjoyable participation for everyone – adults included – and the winning approachability of the performer who engages easily and completely with her audience throughout the performance. Highly recommended.”   Simon Hart,  Artistic Director,  Scotland Puppet Animation Festival