Ugg ‘n’ Ogg and the World’s First Dogg

Wed 13 April | 2pm (Doors: 1:30pm) | Ages 3+

Theatre Fidera Fideri  presents Ugg ’n’ Ogg and the World’s First Dogg

Thank you, Ugg. Thank you, Ogg. For giving us our best friend the dog.

Don’t miss this mind-boggling comic tale of how two hunter-gatherers called Ugg ‘n’ Ogg palled up with the wolves Tooth ‘n’ Nail to invent the dog.

Join Ugg ‘n’ Ogg on their fun-packed adventure where you can expect sabre-toothed tigers, raging forest infernos, and even a time-travelling stick before you get the chance to pat the World’s First Dogg.

£8 Individual | £30 Family of Four



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