Suga Woulda Coulda

This multimedia production educates young people using comedy, music and rap about the negative impact of marketing, the representation of purportedly ‘healthy’ foods (e.g. pasta) and offers fun alternative recipes such as ‘Cauli Buffalo Wings’

The film and album will be available on Spotify, YouTube and other social media platforms as a reference and reminder to keep on track. A recipe book will also be available in a paperback edition and for download on the Komedia Productions website. The aim is for the film to be delivered in schools & youth settings across Brighton & Hove and the South East.

‘Suga Woulda Coulda’ aims to inform children aged 9 – 16 about the impact of unhealthy eating. Angus Greenhalgh (MC Cashback) a young artist and chef was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes after falling ill for 3 months. The film follows the real-life journey of Angus who tells his story through his character MC Cashback. The popular rapping chef shares his relationship with food and the effects it has had on his health. According to Diabetes UK Angus is not alone, in the past 10 years the number of children and young people being treated with Type 2 diabetes has increased tenfold. We want to reach young people and families facing socio-economic barriers, highlighting the importance of a healthy balanced diet and how they can change their eating habits cost effectively.

The project has the potential to be developed into a show and workshop.


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