Where did the summer go?

Here comes ICEF Berlin

Pamela is set to participate in this year’s ICEF workshop in Berlin October 29 to November 01.  Pamela will meet with educators to talk about our collaboration with ICEF,  Barton Carlyle’s research and advisory service we offer as ICEF Achieve. Participants will receive a free consultation to discuss challenges and opportunities for their institution or organisation in international enrollment.

Our seminar this year is on strategic risk:  “What if…? and So what…?” 

This seminar is about consequences.  What happens if things go wrong…? And what will it mean for my program, my institution/organization?  Things go wrong all the time and the patterns of global student mobility and international markets are in a constant state of change.  Risk management is the art of managing the “What if….?” so that we can gain from shifts in demand and not lose everything when difficult events take place.  Based on close-up consulting experiences with many of the most active institutions and organizations in international education today, we will discuss the risk management practices which can deliver enhanced international student recruitment. We’ll identify those areas that can make a real difference and share the tools that can help you achieve your goals.  A copy of the presentation will be available on this website following the event.

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