Creative Ladder

The Creative Ladder offered high quality opportunities in all areas of the performing arts to children and young people with a range of social and economic backgrounds or those with disabilities.

Using the arts as a tool, this three year project provided healthy and enjoyable ways for children and young people to develop creativity, imagination, learning, insight and personal growth.

Running alongside Komedia’s existing wide ranging programme there were opportunities for children and young people to participate with the artists in all aspects of the performing arts from acting, writing, film-making, clowning to creating music. Young people were also  given the opportunity to develop their own regular showcases, films or performances.


The Aims of the Creative Ladder

To enable children and young people to access, create, experience and celebrate high quality opportunities in the performing arts

To support children and young people to develop personal, social and economic skills, enhance life opportunities, understanding and resilience by enriching their experience of life and providing opportunities for self expression.

To reach children who are deemed as non-attenders and participants by engaging them through their interests.


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