Regular Kids Programme @ Komedia

Komedia Kids is part of the 'Komedia umbrella' and is supported through the charity arm of the organisation 'Komedia Productions

Komedia Productions support the ‘Komedia Kids’ programme at Komedia, which includes a range of live children’s shows from music, comedy, theatre and puppet shows such as:

Comedy 4 Kids
BYOB (Bring your own Baby)
Now That’s What I Call a Lot of Songs About Science

You can see the soonest shows we have available below. To view all of our upcoming events check here.

Upcoming Events

Now That’s What I Call a Lot of Songs About Science

Phunky physics, catchy chemistry and bangin’ biology. Local world-renowned science-singer-songwriter John Hinton has written songs on all topics under (and above) the sun. His multi-award-winning peer-reviewed musical science shows have toured the world and captured the imagination of thousands.

Will Tell and The Big Bad Baron

Join our feisty heroine Will Tell as she sets off on a chivalric quest to rescue her dad Wilhelm from the wicked Boris von Bummelkrachenhofer’s deepest darkest dungeon. Will has read all the stories of Robin Hood and the Knights of the Round Table and knows all about fighting for liberty and freedom but nothing has prepared Will for when the Baron’s much put-upon daughter Edeltraut falls madly in love and insists on being rescued too...

Comedy Club 4 Kids

Since 2005, the Comedy Club 4 Kids has been getting the best stand-ups and sketch acts from the international circuit to do their thing for an audience of children (aged 6+) and their families… Various dates in Feb, May, Oct & Dec 2022.

Bring Your Own Baby Comedy Brighton

Various Dates - The UK’s premier baby-friendly comedy club!

Kidz with Attitude

Hip Hop, Funk and Soul for Kidz and guardians! Kidz With Attitude is back! The day time club for kidz and guardians to break out their best moves on the dancefloor. Expect DJ’s, dance-offs, a fully stocked bar, vinyl giveaways, soft play and face painting.


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