Sundae Club

Mar - May 2024

Sundae Club brings over three fabulous hours of creative fun to kids aged 2 – 8 every month from Jan – May 2024.

There will be a wonderful children’s theatre show, followed by a creative craft workshop.

Bring your own picnic and yes… ice cream sundaes are available! Finish off the afternoon by dancing to a live band.

ADULTS: £8 |  KIDS: £8 (min. 1 adult per 3 children)
FAMILIES: £29 (entry for 4 people)
Babies under 2 get in free


(Doors open at 10:30am)

Snug and Grub Catch a Bug



Snug and Grub catch a Bug!  is an inventive, funny puppet show about two little characters, Snug and Grub, who pop out from under a rock and see a little bug wriggling through the grass.  As they try and catch it,  an adventure unfolds in their little organic world as they try to protect it from something hovering in the blue sky ready to swoop down and those slithery eyes watching in the hole below…


(Doors open at 10:30am)

Garlic Theatre Presents: Jack & The Beans Talk



Was it a dream or did I hear a talking bean? Jack lives on a small farm with his mum and very little to eat. He likes to talk to the birds, his cow and anyone who will listen. Imagine his surprise when he swops his cow for some magic beans and starts to hear a whispering in the breeze and a giant rumble in the sky …

Charming and inventive with plenty of interaction, an enormous beanstalk, bags of gold and a smelly old giant Jack and the Beans Talk is a cautionary tale about what might happen if you throw things out of the window!

(Doors open at 10:30am)

Garlic Theatre Presents: Oldilocks and the Three Bears



One winter, Oldilocks finds a teddy bear in the park and remembers a delicious bowl of porridge she tasted years ago in the woods. Something else happened but she can’t quite remember what… so she sets off for the forest. Will she find the bears house and what will happen then?
A wonderfully funny and warmhearted celebration of the classic story starring a naughty old lady who looks very familiar… and 3 funny bears who love their breakfast. Garlic Theatre hold their young audience spellbound with lovingly crafted puppets, music and some steaming bowls of porridge.

Watch It!

Between May to Oct 2020, with support from Arts Council England and working with Quiet Down There, we adapted our live event ‘Sundae Club’ and produced 5, free, live streamed events on the Komedia Kids YouTube Channel. Working with a range of diverse artists, we delivered an exciting range of video shorts across a variety of art forms. The range and variety of content produced for each event meant that children from ages 2+ and their families could enjoy high quality shows as well as take part in the activities together such as a workshop.

You can watch all 5 events again via our Komedia Kids YouTube channel by clicking here


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