Wider Comedy Workshop Programme

Even more laughter

Alongside our longer runs of comedy workshop sessions, thanks to funding we have been able to reach more young people and deliver more workshops across Brighton & Hove in 2023.


The Crew Club

From Jan – June 2023 we ran 11 sessions at the Crew Club for young people ages 11 – 16. We worked with over 30 young people during these sessions who learnt a whole range of comedy skills from stand-up to slapstick as well as building confidence, boosting writing & public speaking skills, meeting new people and having a lot of laughs.

Hangleton & Knoll Youth Project

At the start of the summer holidays we delivered two longer afternoon sessions for young people living in the Hangleton & Knoll area and partnering with Hangleton & Knoll Youth Project. Young people learnt new skills, met new people, developed performance skills, built confidence, had a lot of fun and at the end of the second day got to be part of a performance in front of invited friends and family. We worked with 12 young people across the two sessions ages 11-16. In October half term 2023 we delivered a 3 hour session for young people in partnership with  HKYP.

Brighton Youth Centre

Similarly as with Hangleton & Knoll we delivered two afternoon sessions at Brighton Youth Centre over the summer holidays giving young people involved an opportunity to perform on the second day in front of invited friends and family. We worked with 18 brilliant young people across the two sessions.

As part of BFest we delivered a Comedy Workshop session at Brighton Youth centre on Monday 23rd Oct that led to the young people being part of a showcase ‘Made from Skratch’ that evening at The Actors performing their set they had worked on that afternoon.

We worked for 3 hours with a group of fantastic young people developing their set & teaching them skills in stand-up and then headed to The Actors to be part of ‘Made in Skratch’. So proud of these brilliant folk who got up on stage to perform their set in front of an audience after just a few hours in the workshop. We shared the evening with some amazing actors from Thirdspace Theatre & fabulous poets who had worked with the incredible talent Aflo the Poet developing their poems in just a few hours. They ended up collaborating on stage at the end in the improv section led by Tom Veryzer.


What Do People Think?

“I really like the games we play, especially zombies and it’s good to try new things and have fun.”

— Participant from sessions at The Crew Club (2023)

“I really enjoyed performing in front of people, the sessions helped me to get over my stage fright so I was able to stand up and share my comedy in front of an audience.”

— Participant from Hangleton & Knoll summer sessions

“The value of this work is absolutely priceless to see the young people’s confidence grow, to give them a platform to shine, have fun and be safe with trusted professionals. It is so critical to provide access for our young people from the Hangleton and Knoll more deprived areas to these opportunities that they just would not have otherwise.”

— Helen Baxter Youth Work Manager (2023)

“I really enjoyed learning something new that was out of my comfort zone. I felt nervous but excited and it was a really fun & inclusive experience.”

— Participant from BYC summer sessions



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